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OUTWARD DESIGNS will always endeavour to make the best possible use of your landscaping budget. To help you formalise your requirements we have included a rough pricing guide in the green column opposite.

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Planting, Boundaries and Styling
Lawns, Pebbles and Shingle
Benches, Trellis and Seating
Decking, Sleepers and Steps
Walls, Level Changes and Blockwork
Patios, Pathways and Enclosures
Ponds, Pools and Water Features
Unique Structures and Lighting

Garden Usage

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How Will You Use Your Garden?

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Who Will Be Using Your Garden?

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The Budgets

Focus on solving problem issues

Use structural planting, fixed boundaries and views

Low Maintenance Solutions

Use grass, gravel and ground cover plants for economic coverage

Focused Financial Investment

Think front garden makeovers and functional seating areas

Bold Multi Functional Features

Combine walls with seating to divide and enhance spaces

Functional Landscapes

Maximise the space available with a user friendly layout

Special Variety

Create contrasting spaces for entertaining, relaxation and play

Enhanced level changes

Use decking, sleepers or steps to quickly develop existing levels

Multi-Level Landscapes

Think vertically with retaining walls, block work and pergolas

Complex Courtyards

Detailed paving layouts and decorative hard landscaping

Private Covered Spaces

Shaded enclosures, arbours and garden buildings

Modern Family Living

Spacious patios set within fully landscaped grounds

Focused Landscape Geometry

Reworked large scale landscaped compositions

Contrasting Garden Rooms

Gardens within gardens ebb and flow within the wider landscape

Classical Formal Charm

Control of nature with pools, vistas and terracing

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